How do we sponsor and how long until we can?

  There is a lot of controversy over this subject as well, and once again here is my opinion. The one thing that should be a criteria for being a sponsor is this, "have you had a spiritual experience yet?" A person that wants to be a sponsor should at least have had that before attempting to do so. After all, how can you give something away that you don't already have?

   How can you honestly tell a newbie about how cool life is GOING to be? You must be able to tell him or her how cool life IS, right now for you. You have nothing to give but words and empty promises in his eyes, and it's going to take a lot for you to convince him of the promises. 

   That's not to say you can't fill him with a vision of hope of a better tomorrow! By no means consider yourself invaluable. You as a person who is working the steps and getting closer to your maker every day, can give the newbie some insight and some experience in doing the work. You can give him or her some encouragement. Tell them how cool your life is GETTING to be. 

   I heard a lady in a room once say that her sponsor told her to wait a year before she sponsored... that's a year AFTER she did her steps! Now to me that is defeating the purpose of the program. The whole idea is to get recovered and get back out there snatching up addicts and telling them that they don't have to feel like this. Pull them in with a vision of hope.

   Why wait a year? In my opinion, who better to tell another drunk about the way out than someone that is still brimming with the fire? Why wait until that fire has mellowed to start doing the work we signed up for?
When I was new, thank God I didn't  hear the message from some old coot sitting there with his arms crossed and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I heard about it from someone that was living it! Someone that was bubbling over with the truth and just itching to tell it to me! Someone that pounded the Big Book and believed in the program. Someone that KNEW the promises were real! That is what should qualify you as a sponsor, not how long you've been clean.

   If you have had a true spiritual experience then anytime after you've made your amends is an appropriate time to start sponsoring, in my opinion.

   The old timers that wrote the book were getting right back out there within a couple of months, so why shouldn't we? If you want to be sober and actually "clean" then we should do it the way the originals did it.

   So get your butts out there! Give away what you worked so hard to get..because that's the way of it. That's the way the process works. By giving we GET a lot more in return.

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